Maple Summers here. Budding musician and blogger, author, pole dancer with a busy mind, a foul mouth, and quick fingers. We don’t do transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, slut-shaming or racism here, because that’s just bullshit. I’m a burlesquing, dancing, drumming, piano-playing, generally very creative person with a busy mind.

I began writing prose and poetry when I was 10 along with very active journaling, which got really filthy as I got older and became a sexual person. I participated in the Wordsmith writing competition when I was in middle school, and won a writing contest with one of my short stories when I hit high school, where I also played viola in the orchestra, danced and sang in the show choir (which is really funny because I can’t sing worth a shit), and furthered my piano skills by taking private lessons of gospel and improvisation with this bomb ass black woman who I adored. ?? I also still wear my Wordsmith shirt, even though I am now 26 and it’s been…14 years? I don’t let go of ANYTHING.

In college, I realized that I’d grown out of prose writing (aka, school sucked the fun out of it like it does for everything) and only wrote prose under “great duress” until I discovered the hybrid of prose poetry which unleashed a whole new range of creativity, and probably got me back into writing in actual sentences, which probably also got me into blogging.

Writing in both formal verse and freeform, I further explored the form of prose poetry that inspired my book, Dear Lover, which covers some of my personal anecdotes in letter formats in an effort to make my writing more relatable to persons of all ages (lol, like, 16+ because I rarely write anything that’s truly child-friendly) and backgrounds.

I’ve previously had my poem “This is what we should’ve feared” published by Belleville Park Pages, an international literature magazine, in the summer of 2014. That was really cool and I was extremely proud of that accomplishment.

I’m currently working through my first novel…s, a couple poetry collections, and some music stuff??, you can support me by buying copies of my poetry collections or short stories, sharing my blog posts and books, blowing up my YouTube channel, and leaving love ?? notes in my inbox, in the comments, and on my social media to keep me motivated.

If I haven’t bored you to death yet, be sure to check out my other blogs for advice/info about travel, childcare, gardening, health, and some other stuff because my brain is a busy, suffocating place and I have nothing better to do than write a whole lot of blog posts. ??

An Inexhaustible Magic | Bamboo Cocoon | Squally Muffin | Must Be Undead | Kisses & Snails

You can keep up with my book and music projects by looking at my Works In Progress, which are all located on Kisses & Snails.
Did I say buy all of my books, watch my Youtube videos a million times, and share my shit? ??❤

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Becoming Air is now available to stream.
I've been banging the drum and recording and sweating and crying and banging the drum some more to bring you my first ever album.
Listen to Becoming Air now:
Have a listen.  Is this what it feels like to melt-- to evaporate, to become become... air?  I am...becoming air in...3...2...1...
Book cover of Tragically Hilarious Tales About Love from the Kisses & Snails Series by Maple Summers
Who goes to get a hammy ham sandwich in the middle of the night and ends up getting her face bitten by an unhandsome stranger? This girl over here. I guess the lesson in that is: If you are a single woman, don't go buy anymore sandwiches in Brooklyn after 10 p.m. ✓ If you are a single woman, don’t go buy sandwiches in Brooklyn by yourself. ✓ Don’t go buy anything by your single woman self. That's obviously asking for trouble. ✓ Stay in the house for the rest of eternity to properly avoid men with teeth as all single women should do. ✓✓✓ Check out Tragically Hilarious Tales About Love on Amazon & Kindle for more.