Ashely Markell Santinac. Code name: abusive, manipulative, scammer trash

This nigga gives “fuckboy” a new and enhanced meaning. I know from my previous post, I said I wouldn’t go into this fuckery or post names, but this has been weighing on my heart, given that he’s made a habit and a living off of victimizing women with love bombing, hitting them with the lazy doodle, and then skipping into the wind to find more prey. He’ll blame his lack of orgasm on “anxiety” or an empty stomach as an opening for a kind-hearted and giving person to offer to buy him a hot meal. Let him starve.

He gives off this persona of being someone who is highly independent, but struggling, productive, yet filled with anxiety, hard-working, but hardly making ends meet. So, in all, not very different from most of us struggling ass Americans, except the majority of us are not out here finessing other struggling people out of sorely needed funds, promising to pay them back, treating them with hostility and anger, and then turning it around to make them feel like they’ve done something wrong.

He will gaslight you until you explode by making it seem like you’re the one who is behaving irrationally, then, naturally he’ll try to turn shit around on you. He will also feed you some “I want our souls to touch each other” bullshit while he bitches and moans about wearing condoms, which he will repeatedly bring up even though you’ll hardly see him anyway.

This is the kind of nigga that would finesse Jesus and his disciples out of the last supper and never feel an ounce of guilt, then guilt-trip them for being hungry. I really shouldn’t even be surprised. I’m still in shock because since this hoe was never around, I guess I didn’t get the full effect of how shitty he was.

But what I did get was alarming. So watch out. He’ll slut shame you and call you a groupie while he’s off fucking all over the country and being a “hoe by some other name” while also claiming he’s pro-hoe and monogamous. I guess that pro-hoe support doesn’t apply to women he’s trying to finesse, manipulate, and stick his dick in. How fortunate for us.

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  1. Gurrrl.hes following and followers are hhhust as poisonous as him..they victim blame and take up for him because be a Light skint fake woke pretending to be a non spectrum ass.

  2. posting a link to the dropbox of proof of Ash León / Ashely Markell Santinac being physically abusive (“Hands for everybody”), draining money (“Ash the Scammer”), & all kinds of manipulative (“Unfaithful”), particularly to black women, since the link seems to be hard to find on facebook & this way anyone googling Ash’s name can find it. sorry you went through this & thank you for writing this post.


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