Ash Leon aka Ashely Markell Santinac is a Liar, Scammer, and All Around Fuckboy

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Ashely Markell Santinac. Code name: abusive, manipulative, scammer trash

This nigga gives “fuckboy” a new and enhanced meaning. I know from my previous post, I said I wouldn’t go into this fuckery or post names, but this has been weighing on my heart, given that he’s made a habit and a living off of victimizing women with love bombing, hitting them with the lazy doodle, and then skipping into the wind to find more prey. He’ll blame his lack of orgasm on “anxiety” or an empty stomach as an opening for a kind-hearted and giving person to offer to buy him a hot meal. Let him starve.

He gives off this persona of being someone who is highly independent, but struggling, productive, yet filled with anxiety, hard-working, but hardly making ends meet. So, in all, not very different from most of us struggling ass Americans, except the majority of us are not out here finessing other struggling people out of sorely needed funds, promising to pay them back, treating them with hostility and anger, and then turning it around to make them feel like they’ve done something wrong.

He will gaslight you until you explode by making it seem like you’re the one who is behaving irrationally, then, naturally he’ll try to turn shit around on you. He will also feed you some “I want our souls to touch each other” bullshit while he bitches and moans about wearing condoms, which he will repeatedly bring up even though you’ll hardly see him anyway.

This is the kind of nigga that would finesse Jesus and his disciples out of the last supper and never feel an ounce of guilt, then guilt-trip them for being hungry. I really shouldn’t even be surprised. I’m still in shock because since this hoe was never around, I guess I didn’t get the full effect of how shitty he was.

But what I did get was alarming. So watch out. He’ll slut shame you and call you a groupie while he’s off fucking all over the country and being a “hoe by some other name” while also claiming he’s pro-hoe and monogamous. I guess that pro-hoe support doesn’t apply to women he’s trying to finesse, manipulate, and stick his dick in. How fortunate for us.

I’m not going to lie and say I was being monogamous, because I wasn’t. I wasn’t down for monogamy for a nigga who self-advertised as “never being around”, which he wasn’t. Ever. Even when we were in the same city for weeks at a time.

This nigga fucked me up so good that even when I saw the receipts from other women, I STILL wanted to believe his stupid ass. That is the true mark of a skilled manipulator.

What he currently looks like as he attempts to hide fuckboy, scammer activities

I have been being quiet because I had fucked up feelings about how our nonexistent “relationship” went, was harboring feelings of resentment, and just was really wishing I could un-meet this trash. He can repay womankind by paying back twice what he took from these women who were betrayed with lies he fed them: the hopes of falling in love, while believing in kindness and just being giving souls.

It’s like watering a seed and waiting for a flower that never came. Even when you stop watering that plant, let it die, rip it from the ground, and compost it, you wonder for a long time what that flower would’ve looked like, how soft the petals would’ve felt, the smell of spring from that freshly burst bud. That plant is dead. It was watered with lies and manipulation and I still don’t know what parts were actually real and what was part of his game.

I only wish this nigga had stopped breathing before we ever crossed paths. Thanks, Tinder for bringing this flaming lump of yellow trash into my life. This nigga has been exposed and apparently quite a few times before I ever found out, I’m just putting more nails in the coffin. What probably makes me the most pissed is that he is playing the victim. Like…nigga, you don’t get to lie, cheat, take people’s money, abuse and impregnate women, abandon children, and be the victim. That’s not how this shit works.

Since I put this in my “advice” category, here’s two licks of advice: stay away from this nigga and save yourself some money and heartache, or at the very least, use him as equally as he uses you. That’ll be a little difficult though since he’ll only be around if no one else is feeding or sheltering him. If you are giving him a roof, chances are, you are already damned. Get rid of him. Abandon that ship. Save yourself. Also, keep aware that any of the things I’ve mentioned can be (and usually are) signs of abuse. Talk to someone. Nobody deserves to suffer through this shit.

A third lick of advice, if you have been poisoned by this fuck boy, no one gets to tell you how to feel about it. No one ever gets to tell you how to feel or react to being abused and manipulated. You are a person. Your feelings are real and you deserve honesty and respect. Fuck boys will poison you while disguising it as love, affection, and attention and oftentimes, you really don’t know how much damage has been done until you are free of whatever parasite has been sucking the life out of you.

I think one of the hardest things is attempting to separate fact from fiction, especially after someone seemingly wants very badly to be more than a sexual object in your life, and then turns out to be unworthy of not only your body, but your time, affection, and energy. That’s a lot to take in, the realization that a friendship or “relationship” was never about making a real connection, but about finding a host to cipher food and finances from. I do not know what reason(s) this asshole was in my life for and I am still working through disbelief towards indifference. It is always a confusing and painful process to untie yourself from someone who treated you poorly and Ashely is just one fuckboy in a whole sea of men who will treat you just as badly.

Men have always been dangerous, but I also believe it is important to underline that abuse is not always physical. Emotional abuse can be just as damaging possibly even more so, and cycling neglect with bursts of affection, is another sign of abuse. When a man tells you he is “too busy”, he is lying. There’s no telling what he is actually doing, but people who actually care about you make time for you.

I’ll probably be kicking myself in the ass for not knowing this particular nigga was trash for a long time. This coming from a woman who prides herself on her ability to fuck sans feelings, got roped in with pretty words and a few orgasms. Of course, I do realize that I am not the problem as I was honest about my intentions from the beginning and had to be softened to the idea of dating this clown.

Speaking of, let me elaborate more on why I believed Trashly wasn’t a fuck nigga to start with. The fucking internet. His Facebook is filled with intelligent black people dragging racists and misogynists and other niggas who swear they hate black women and pro-hoe memes and all types of heart-warming shit. But if you ask me, abusing, manipulating, and neglecting women is the exact opposite of being any sort of feminist. He also claims that he doesn’t mess with white women and gave me a long paragraph about that which I definitely didn’t care about because, at that moment, I was definitely trying to get laid. There was some weird shit that came out of his mouth, but I wrote that off as some personality quirk. I’m hardly the one who’s going to classify someone as weird given my own personality. I’m just really over here laughing because I’m done being upset about this nigga. The nightmares are over.

I know this post is disjointed as fuck. I really just wanted to get it out and it has been a painfully annoying process.

Those are my tidbits and receipts. I hope they bring other people who have been victimized and used by this clown some closure. I also wrote this other post filled with shock, humor, and disbelief when I was still working through my thoughts about this shit. Be sure to check out the rest of these receipts because they make excellent, interesting, and appalling reading. I guess if this nigga wanted people to say nice things about him, he should’ve attempted to not be a lying, scummy, fuck boy.

One Dropbox to Rule Them All

  • Also lied about not having kids
  • ran up women’s credit cards which he claimed he’d pay back under the guise of a romantic relationship, I’m sure those have never been paid back
  • was paid for sexual services, never delivered
  • emotional manipulation
  • constantly whined about using condoms, what a surprise from a nigga
  • has obnoxious fans who threaten his victims with violence and doxxing

A Secret Wife and Kid, Men Will Lie About Anything

I have seen it all, but never have I seen the lengths people will leap to his defense. They claim he is innocent, that there is no substantial pRooF. What happened to believing the victims? Is it more believable that a bunch of strangers colluded with very similar stories that reveal a solid pattern to take down one fuck boy or that they are all telling the truth?

From what I’ve seen, we have all been accused of being liars. Though I have spoken directly to other femmes and non-men who have been manipulated by this scum, who all have similar stories to mine, and none of whom knew that this nigga had a child, after MONTHS had gone by. They have also been shocked, hurt, and surprised by what they have found out. But as usual, the victims will not be believed for everyone of his supporters helped make this man out to be someone who could be trusted and was respectful of non-men. That is the biggest lie of all.

I Exposed My Abuser on the Internet and I am Proud of Myself

You people and your blind loyalty disgust me. You worship a demon and toast with the tears and anguish of his victims. You are equally complicit every time you look the other way. You believe that you are safe, but you aren’t. The universe sees you all.


This post is meant to provide anyone who may have suffered under the hands of this person. Although it has been a couple of years now, other victims still reach out to me. They have asked to remain hidden, and so, I honor their wishes, and hope that if nothing else, reading this will bring every victim of this person some peace. 

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  1. Gurrrl.hes following and followers are hhhust as poisonous as him..they victim blame and take up for him because be a Light skint fake woke pretending to be a non spectrum ass.

  2. posting a link to the dropbox of proof of Ash León / Ashely Markell Santinac being physically abusive (“Hands for everybody”), draining money (“Ash the Scammer”), & all kinds of manipulative (“Unfaithful”), particularly to black women, since the link seems to be hard to find on facebook & this way anyone googling Ash’s name can find it. sorry you went through this & thank you for writing this post.

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