Nightmares, Night Scares, Daydreams

Nightmares, Night Scares, Daydreams

Genres: Inspirational, Poetry, Romance
Tags: African-American, Poetry, Romance & Relationships
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 104
ISBN: 9781511593915

Do you see shadows in the daylight? If not, let this poetry collection take you to a new place where dreams are not dreams and nightmares are the beginning of all things fantastical. Not only ghouls and goblins can scare you. Fear can take the shape of your favorite uncle or your father. Horror can happen in the daylight. This is what Nightmares, Night Scares, Daydreams will show you.

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About the Book

Maple Summers’ second poetry collection will bend your way of thought with its new usage of familiar words. She will bring you to a different realm of a new reality, a place of hopes and dreams and fantastic failure. She explores more familial relations, while also talking about romantic relationships in a new way. She speaks on friendship, fear, retribution, loss, bitterness, and emotional decay. Shedding light on controversial issues and her place as an African-American minority in a white society, Summers also delves into the darkness without fear that you will see the darkness inside of her. She wishes to share that with you in a way that will bind you together. She will show you the fear of living and the fear of death and also explore self-reflection and the meaning of self-confidence. Wishing to challenge you to think of words in a new way, a noun is not always a noun, as Nelson bends the rules of grammar by riddling this poetry with a naturally free flowing hand of colorful language.

And she does not leave out the sex. She takes taboo sexual issues and drags them into the light forcing you to confront things that you may not want to think about. But there are others out there suffering too. And Summers is here to tell you that you are not alone. She speaks directly to the reader without fluffed language or nonsensical fanfare.

This is Halloween where we are all dressing as someone else but all we want is to be ourselves. How do you think of Halloween? Maple tackles the question, speaking about the holiday itself and what it represents to her.

And just for ghoulish fun and witchery, she has also included fun spells that are a little more than just magic. They are flashlights of her personal insights.

Let her share this journey with you.

Welcome, sweet dears, to Nightmares, Night Scares, Daydreams.

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