Men Apparently Are Not Capable of Being Considerate


Another would-be date gone very very wrong. Another man thrown into the “fuck boy” category. I have tried to be reasonable. I even explained my point of view, but,I guess when you’re selfish and only thinking about your own feelings, it’s impossible to be apologetic for your wrongdoings and neglect…or blatant stupidity, as I’m almost sure now that this is what last night’s happenings amount to.

So…backstory: I met this guy through Tinder. He seemed interesting enough, had some things in common (namely, we both did poetry readings/spoken word), so I was like, *shrugs*, add him on Facebook. So, that happened talked a bit more, but then I got interested in someone more…interesting, and that fell off. That was a year ago.

So, last month or so, I go home to Memphis, to visit and whatnot, after having some steamy convo with this guy again and I’m like, *shrugs* why not try to meet up while we’re in the same city? So I hit him up and suggested we hang out. So I get there and mind my own damn business. I told him exactly when I was going to be there AND when I was leaving. I get a message from him via Facebook as I’m riding in the car going back to Knoxville (where I currently reside). That was a bust. But I’m type indifferent because, when someone is interested, then they hit you up when they know you’re around, or am I the only one who thinks that?

Anyways, got back to Memphis yesterday in the early evening. Having hit him up the night before to let him know I’d be in town this weekend. So when I arrived, I was like, “What are you up to?” and he more or less says “Nothing,” which, in regular people language means, not a damn thing. He asks if I’m available to which I respond that I am. I ask if he’s trying to see me. He says he is. So I tell him I’ll get changed and turn myself into an acceptable looking human being. He asks how long that’ll take. I say 20 minutes. He says okay.

Let’s stop right there.

This nigga said “Okay.” So, in my mind, that means, he’s giving me 20 minutes to make the magical transformation from road traveling hobo into this-may-or-may-not-be-a-first-date-if-I-decide-I-don’t-hate-you chic. So I went ahead and got dressed. That was around maybe 7:30.

8:00. 8:30. 9 o’clock pass. I start watching Scandal with the family, because at this point, I’ve gotten waaaay past being excited about finally meeting this guy to being indifferent. My mama is asking at this point if I stood up, and I don’t know how to answer her because this worthless human who calls himself “man” had me thinking he was on the way half a century ago. I finally get a message from him claiming he’s having some shit done to his car then he’ll be on the way. I’m like, *shrugs* whatever at this point. Scandal goes off. We start watching other shows. It’s at least 9:30 when he claims he’s around the corner. At this point, I’m just pissed because I could’ve been doing some other shit with my night if I knew he was full of shit. So I’m like, “Uh huh. Okay.” He asks if I still want to see him. I’m trying not to be mad, but I’m pissy because this nigga told me 2 plus hours ago that he was available and on the way. So I’m like, “Sure.”

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