(Re)Ignite Progress Updates


Apr 24, 2016

I’m sorryyy. I’ve clearly not been finishing nearly as many things as I’ve started or posting as often as I should, buttt, here’s the rundown on the latest short story. (And no, guys and ladies, i haven’t quite hit 90,000 words on the novel but i get a little further every time you guys encourage me.) Finally gave the ex-boyfriend a name!! For those of you who are new readers, Re-ignite is the sequel to The Breakup, which was slightly depressing to write. Though I’ve since bounced back from the darkness of that plot.

So anyways, the boyfriend finally gets a name! You will see Robin bounce back from the ruins of a bad relationship (I changed my mind. Sorry guys. Doesn’t Robin deserve a happy ending this time?) And kick serious adulthood ass. Excuse the profanity. You get to see a different side of her, the side that was only hinted at before. Anyways, I included a little screenshot to tempt everyone a bit. Please don’t hate me! Love you all.

And as always, don’t forget to show some love by commenting. I love talking to ya’ll.


Jun 27, 2016

I just made progress on (Re)Ignite! So far I’m 23% complete on the Research phase. 3 Days remain until the deadline. This has been a very interesting day for writing. I feel like I learn something about myself when I write. For example, today’s work on (Re)Ignite has shown me that I am more than capable of holding a grudge when someone has done something to offend me, but I also remember special moments when someone has given me little parts of the world. So, in light of that, I’m drafting a new post on that topic, so you’ll see that on the page soon enough!

Jul 19, 2016

I just made progress on (Re)Ignite! So far I’m 24% complete on the First Draft phase. I’ve been experimenting with different writing techniques, namely with voice recording (voice dictation), but…preeeetty sure that it doesn’t work for me as, I do spend a lot of time by myself…not talking, and I usually don’t feel like talking. And it feels kind of weird to talk to no one and not be able to see the words as I speak them. So, maybe I should try dictation software? (So that I can see the words as I speak them instead of using a voice recorder.) *shrugs* It’s an interesting theory that I will be exploring more. But, about to do more work on this lovelyyy short story. šŸ˜‰

Aug 1, 2016Ā 

I just made progress on (Re)Ignite! So far I’m 59% complete on the First Draft phase. šŸ™‚

Definitely wasn’t expecting this story to have so many sexual overtones…But what can I say? If it’s hot, it’s hot. šŸ˜‰

Sep 8, 2016

I’m actually at 11,000 words now. This short story is turning out to be longer than I originally planned. I cannot deny that it’s been an interesting journey thus far and I am looking forward to seeing the final draft.

Dec 20, 2016Ā 

I just finished proofing! Woohoo! I’m finally fucking done with this short story! If you’ve been keeping up, then you’re aware of how many issues I’ve had with this story. In brief, it’s inspired by my actual life so that made it super personal and kind of extra depressing, I’m also guilty of writing my emotions instead of focusing on the characters so a lot of editing and rewriting had to be done (writing with your emotions is apparently very bad. Bad Lori. Bad Lori!) This has been a personal challenge for me to work through, but completing this project has filled me with a very real sense of accomplishment (not that finishing other stories/poetry collections doesn’t make me feel kind of amazinggg). I guess one of the most difficult things about this story was feeling like it was going to be one of those stories that had to be abandoned. Of course, not every work is supposed to be published or seen by human eyes, but I believed in my story, so I finished it.

Now that that is finally done, I’ll be having that up and available for purchase within the next week or so and moving onto doing some heavy editing onĀ Take Me In.Ā I guess I should probably post an update about that soon, non? šŸ™‚

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Hugs, Bugs, and Slugs,

Maple Summers



The radiant Robin has regained her confidence and is ready to take on Brooklyn and a new love with a wary heart that's still open.

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