When Sex is the Best Part of the Relationship


This is not necessarily a bad thing… unless you’re trying to make it to your one year anniversary. In this case, having a relationship whose strongest asset is the ass, becomes a serious problem right around the time when you’ve had so much sex that you might actually really want to get to know each other.

At this point, you either begin to form a deeper connection, realize that there is nothing else there, or have been fucked way too well to really know what the hell is actually going on in your heart. You just know the “o” in “orgasm” stands for “oh god” who has never heard so many praises from you, until the dick (or vagina) came into your life and changed it for the better… or so you thought.

Trust me. this is advice from someone who’s been dick-whipped before. This is what happens when a guy fucks you so good that you will do anything he says, do basically anything to keep him, and never hold him accountable for his fuck ups. You may even go so far as to defend him when your friends come sniffing around because they smell a lot more than 10 back-to-back orgasms.

Friends. The people who think for you when your mind is so scrambled from neuron-destroying sex to make any rational decisions. Friends–because thinking with your crotch will land you on your back beneath a new man, beneath your old man, or spread wide for a baby. Friends, because every little thing he does is now classified as adorable and he shits rainbows and cums cappuccinos. Friends, because who ever recognizes a fuck boy when he’s going down on you every night?

Do you see the point I’m making here? People like to think you can have fulfilling relationships and great sex. I’m telling you that I’ve never had a good relationship and good sex from any one man. They clearly call them “fuck boys” for a reason: all they’re good for is fucking and you can’t respect them or build anything with them because they aren’t actually men. You can’t build a stable home with a boy. Remember those? I do because I see them every goddamn day. Those are the ones that tell you they aren’t like other men, that they’re good guys, who drown you in compliments and ditch you as soon as you offend them. They are soft, stupid, weak, immature, emotionally stunted, and fickle and… I can almost guarantee that if you sleep with one of these guys, you will probably see stars and the gates of heaven and hear the symphonies of angels welcoming in the freshly dead.

But when all of that clears all you will see is darkness, loneliness, every mistake you’ve ever made with a man, everything you did wrong, and everything you should’ve done differently. You will hear every horrible thing he ever said to you, repeating in layers like a well-trained choir, crashing into your ear drums like highly focused tsunamis. And on top of all of that, your most played song will be the sound of your heart breaking.

That is the power of the dick; it can drive you to orgasms or to madness. All I’m saying is beware any man you think you may love. If he’s keeping you high on orgasms, it very well may be because he doesn’t have shit else to put on the table.

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Maple Summers

Believes in freedom. Helping to bring openness to a sexually repressed country. Eradicating slut-shaming. Defending women of all walks. Encouraging explorative and healthy dating and relationships.

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