Why don’t we have “rehab” for abusive relationships?

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This is a concept I’ve been playing with. Rehab for abusive relationships. Because aren’t people equally as addictive? Love is addictive. People are hurtful. Abusive romantic relationships are extremely hurtful and sometimes, you can’t work through that experience on your own.

Sometimes you need help. I would’ve loved to go away to some place with licensed therapists who could’ve explained why I felt like my heart was going to explode when it beat too fast and why I was having anxiety attacks. I could’ve used some place I felt safe with other people who understood what I was going through, who could relate, who could share with me their own stories.

During those dark and confusing times when I was recovering from frequent gaslighting and verbal abuse, I did a lot of research on the physical and emotional effects of abusive romantic relationships. Of course, in my search, I needed to be specific because at that time, I had no previous knowledge of abusive romantic relationships having side effects documented by professional psychologists and therapists. I had done tons of reading about parent-child relationships that are toxic and abusive and seen many TV shows and movies that covered those topics in depth. What I hadn’t focused in on were people documenting that trauma from abusive romantic relationships is real and devastating to its victims.

People still do not want to publicly recognize it as abuse of all forms is often swept away into the shadows… but we are in recovery and there should be a way to get help when you are feeling the most helpless and I look forward to seeing more therapists and rehabilitation centers that assist women and nonmen in getting back on their financial feet and restoring their mental and emotional health after damage by abusive love.

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